All those who collaborate in the fulfillment of the Association’s purposes, without any kind of distinction, may be admitted as partners, who are over 18 years old and with the capacity to act, expressly express it and be admitted by the Board of directors.
    Members of the Association may be persons under the age of 18, with the authorization of the legal representative.
    The socic will cause loss for any of the following reasons:
    By your own will.
    For non-payment of fees.
    For commission of actions that harm the interests of the Association, by means of an Extraordinary General Assembly agreement.
    By death
    The partners have the following rights:
    Take part in General Assemblies with voice and vote.
    Choose and be elected by management positions.
    Suggest in writing that suggestions suggest timely.
    Request information to the governing bodies on the progress of the Association.
    Enjoy all the rights that as a member of the Association corresponds to you, as established by the competent bodies and laws and by the rules of the internal regime.
    Obligations of the partners:
    Participate in the activities of the Association and work towards the achievement of its aims.
    Provide how many services determine the statutes, the rules of the internal regime and the agreements of the executive organs.
    Exercise the charges for which he was elected.
    Attend General Assemblies.
    Satisfy the established quotas.
    Respect the statutes.

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